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23 mars 2017

3.4 Protect Your thoughts From Shallowness

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Some in the past I needed the privilege of being a adidas zx 700 judge at a regional Miss America pageant. Maybe you be aware that Miss America pageants will not be approximately beauty but also intellect. Form various beauty related events, the contestants were brought prior to the Judges individually to reply to any question we asked. Among the judges asked each one of the ladies to inform around the most current book she had read. Some of them had good answers. One of these replied, Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss.

She tried challenging to make her discussion on this children’s book seem intellectual, though each tortured sentence she revealed a shallowness of intellect that destroyed any potential for winning the regional rhinestone tiara. Shallowness of intellect results in a life filled up with superficialities, trivialities and sentimentalities. A nearly empty mind is useless, miserable, a total waste of potential, as well as dangerous.

I found out so it wasn’t dumb being smart! Ever since then We’ve read many hundreds of books, articles, adidas springblade blogs, magazines plus much more. Just yesterday I ordered three more books from Amazon, one I bought for just a cent (plus shipping and handling – require me to pay $4 – and it also was sent to my door in 4 days.

Why waste your life on superficial things for example gossip, fads, stupid TV shows, inane conversations, and brain-dead friends. Learn something. Know something. Get smart. You realize what’s great about knowledge? No-one can take it of your stuff. Once you learn something, adidas climacool it’s yours forever – you use it. As well as the more you find out the more you have and the more you own the greater interesting, happy and successful you may be.

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